Mohawk AYSO


Indoor and Soccer Plus

Mohawk AYSO helps support all soccer-related activities in the community.  Our spring and fall outdoor activities constitute our CORE program.  No regional funds are used to support either high school soccer or the indoor soccer activities which occur from November 1 through April 1.

Mohawk indoor is simply affiliated with Mohawk AYSO.  Indoor is considered by the Board to be separate in its operation although many of the coaches are also part of our CORE.

During the winter months, Region 658 wants to encourage many of our CORE players to strive for EXCELLENCE.  We want to offer all our players the ability to go on and play competitively in inter-scholastic and inter-collegiate sports.  Playing in the off-CORE season enables players to enhance their speed, passing and total teamwork.  Certainly those players who want to win in high school soccer and go on to college play would improve their play by taking part in indoor soccer.

Indoor is considered highly competitive and more of an all-star venue.  Not everyone usually plays the same amount as in our CORE.  He or she who practices hardest and achieves higher skill and tactic levels, plays more.  That is what we believe the players who want to go on will face in making a varsity high school or college team.

Coaches who choose to take an indoor team generally choose children to play based on achievement.  There is a charge for this extra event.  Some coaches also attend tournaments throughtout the year, and again, children are chosen at the coaches discretion.  If you would like your child to attend these extra events, speak to the coaches directly.  Keep in mind there are limited spots on these teams and anyone can volunteer to coach and take a team!  If your child is not chosen by the coach who is taking a team, you can always volunteer to take a second team if you can recruit enough players.

During our regular season there are often tournaments played in the area.  Some coaches opt to attend these tournaments with a team they select from the entire roster of players.  Again, this is also considered more of an "all star" event and players will be chosen based on hard work and skill level.  There are extra costs associated with attending tournaments that each family must pay.