Mohawk AYSO



(and what it costs us to  provide this program)

Early Bird Registration Fee                        $40  if using a previous season uniform
                                                                 $60 if a new uniform is needed

If you register after the last registration event you will be charged $45 if using a previous season uniform and $ 65 if a uniform is needed

Remember that we are able to offer SCHOLARSHIPS  (full or partial) to those players who cannot afford the total cost.  If you know of anyone who may want to play, but cannot afford to do so, please contact a board member!

 Broken down by our cost study:

1.  National fee of $17.25:  Player gets secondary insurance coverage, our fields are covered by liability insurance, our national office provides administrative services, YOUR PLAYER (S) GETS "SOCCER" NOW AND OTHER MAILINGS, mandatory USSF player fee.

2.  Area fee of $1.00: This level of AYSO makes training available to all coaches and referees.  In addition, all certified referees are provided official uniforms for volunteering their time and talent.

3.  Local regional costs and program:  The rest of the registration fee is used for practicing 50-55 hours and 16 games over fall and spring half seasons:    approximate costs are per player:

3-piece unform and its shipping (for the player to keep)                           :                                                                        $20.00
soccer goals, nets, safety kits, practice cones, pinnies, etc.                    :                                                                                       1.20
field marking and care:                                                                              3.73
Every player receives a trophy                                                                   7.75

Every player is entitled to purchase individual/team pictures                   :                                                                         Your cost
Banquest or other special event                                                                10.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Training materials and costs for certified youth coach/referees              :                                                                           4.85
Regional administrative-postage, printing, volunteer travel/
   training, registration materials, etc.                                                         2.02
                                                           Our total cost with uniform=           $87.80

                                                           Our total cost without a uniform=    $67.80